35+ Best Magazine WordPress Themes 2021

35+ Best Magazine WordPress Themes 2021

WordPress is perfect for creating an online magazine website. Not only does it have all the tools you need to publish content online, but this collection of the best magazine WordPress themes will also ensure your website has the right look too.

We’ve shared some great tips on how to build a magazine website with WordPress before, and the themes in this collection have been designed specifically for exactly this niche. They each not only have a design and appearance that is well suited for launching a magazine website but they also have lots of useful features to help make your project a success.

When checking out the best magazine WordPress themes, you’ll see that each product often has multiple website demos for you to choose from. Thanks to this, no matter what the topic of your magazine is, you should be able to find a design to match. Furthermore, many of the best WordPress magazine themes also have a great selection of pre-built templates and layouts for the individual articles on your site. This means that you can easily choose the best layout for a piece of content, irrespective of its subject matter.

The best magazine WordPress themes also have plenty of customization options. Depending on the theme, this might mean you can easily change the fonts and colors of your website. Other themes may include even more settings and options that let you define how your site looks. Some even include fully featured drag-and-drop page builder tools that give you the ability to customize the demo content or create your own custom content designs from scratch.

Regardless of what type of news or magazine website you want to create, you should find plenty of options in this collection of the best magazine WordPress themes.