Free Football, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Baseball and Basketball cards template for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

A new special request! This time Casey McCullough asked if I could make a Baseball Card template and I finally got around to make it. When I was finishing it I realized I could include some other sports, so I ended up creating cards for football, soccer, ice hockey and basketball, as well as some generic cards for you to customize and even maybe use them for other subjects.

I’ve used theme colors, so if you wish to customize your cards to match the colors of your team, you can do so by editing the theme. If you are not sure how, check out this tutorial.

Here you can see an example I made using pink and black accents. Image from The Sporting News.

Below you will find 4 themes with different accent colors to get you started, blue and red, yellow and green, purple and yellow, and two different shades of red. Again, if none of these color combinations fit your needs, you can always edit the theme and change its colors.

Blue, red and white Sports Cards template.

Yellow and Green Sports Cards template.

Purple and Yellow Sports Cards template.

Two shades of red Sports Cards template.